Where are the “strategic” tech writers? (Hint: right here)

A great wish-I’d-written-that post from David Farbey on his Marginal Notes blog: Where are the “strategic” technical writers?

This week I attended another very enjoyable and interesting session of the London Content Strategy Meetup, [about] experiences of trying to implement a strategic approach to content development and management…. According to the organisers over 100 people came to this week’s meeting.

I think I was the only technical writer there.

Curiously, it was the leaders of two STC Chapters who organised the very first Content Strategy Forum in Paris in April 2010. But when I attended the 2011 CS Forum in London last September I struggled to meet another technical writer.

The focus of content strategy discussions seems to focus on Web writing and more specifically Web marketing writing. But tech comms is content too (and expensive content at that). User doc, support materials, help, etc all need to be included inan organization’s content strategy.