Wikipedia to add video tools

Wikipedia will soon add video to their online encyclopedia. That’s pretty cool, but what’s even more impressive is that they will eventually be adding web tools to allow Wikipedia users to edit the video online.


From an article on Technology Review:

The project also includes developing Web tools to create smooth methods for transferring and editing videos. When a Wikipedia editor finds relevant snippets, he will be able to preview them, and set the “in” and “out” points, without having to worry about file conversions.

The convergence of words, pictures, sound, and video is getting closer to “seamless”. With in-browser tools becoming more widespread (photo editing tools in Flickr, for example) the breadth of media available for techincal communicators is greater than ever before. I know this will benefit information users and consumers in the end (as soon as tech “writers” figure out how to take advantage of the new tools).

via 2moro docs.